U.S. Leaders Reaffirm Bond with Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Washington, DC this week, and U.S. leaders on both sides of the aisle made sure to reaffirm that the United States is the friend of Israel.

President Obama declared:

As I've said repeatedly, the bond between our two countries is unbreakable.  My personal commitment -- a commitment that is consistent with the history of other occupants of this Oval Office -- our commitment to the security of Israel is rock solid. And as I've said to the Prime Minister in every single one of our meetings, the United States will always have Israel's back when it comes to Israel's security.  This is a bond that is based not only on our mutual security interests and economic interests, but is also based on common values and the incredible people-to-people contacts that we have between our two countries.

In addition, Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), speaking to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference also in Washington this week, noted, “…the U.S. and Israel have a lot in common. In addition to the strategic interests that bind us, both were born of conflict and built up by immigrants and pioneers, and both have always been firmly committed to the democratic ideals that have enabled their peoples to flourish. Because of these things, Israel has always enjoyed strong bipartisan support in Washington.”

By Aaron Mercer, Vice President Government Relations