Truth For Life Celebrating 20 Years on Christian Radio

Truth for Life 20 year logoTruth For Life is celebrating 20 years of proclaiming the Truth of God’s Word on the radio and is exploring ways to grow and expand in the years to come.

Led by Alistair Begg, Truth For Life is a Bible-teaching ministry seeking to faithfully proclaim the Word of God. Since 1995, Truth For Life has accomplished its mission on the radio, online, and in print. Starting with three radio stations, Truth For Life now releases a new Bible-teaching message every day on more than 1,600 radio outlets around the world; airs more than 52,000 times a month on the radio; and reaches 99 of the top 100 radio markets in the U.S.

Moreover, Truth For Life reaches millions through its daily podcast and website,; sends daily devotionals and newsletters to 127,500 subscribers; has more than 140,000 followers on Facebook; has more than 300,000 mobile app downloads; and mails more than 10,000 books and CDs to listeners each month.

As Truth For Life celebrates its 20-year milestone, the ministry is looking for ways to reach millions more with the life-transforming message of God’s Word, including the increased usage of new technology, translation of the unique teaching of Pastor Begg to other languages, and the expansion of radio distribution to other nations.

Pastor Begg wil be among the 60+ speakers to take the stage at the NRB 2015 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, TN. He will be preaching on February 25 during the Wednesday Evening Service, which will be open to the public. He will be joined by Ronnie Floyd, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and award-winning musical group Selah, who will lead the worship.

By NRB Staff

Published: January 8, 2015


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