The World Came to Nashville

Hannu HaukkaThey came from 41 countries outside the
United States, including Michael Yousseffar-flung countries like Zambia and Uganda, Afghanistan and Pakistan, India, Ireland, and Iceland, and other points around the globe. All in all, 349 internationals registered for NRB’s 2012 Convention & Exposition, a large increase over recent years. And they enriched the fabric of the annual NRB convention in Nashville, TN.

First-timers received special orientation from NRB International Committee members Tom Zahradnik and Jeffery Anderson to help them navigate the enormous convention and the Opryland Hotel. The International Reception on Saturday gave many an opportunity to meet others early on during the convention. And the International Keynote and Zoom Lunch, with Dr. Michael Youssef and Dr. Hannu Haukka speaking, gave perspective to the opportunities and needs for the Gospel to be carried around the world.

International ReceptionThe Executive Committee and NRB chairman, Rich Bott, named a new International Committee. This group represents various ministries who have interests in international Christian broadcasting. The committee members are:

  • Hannu Haukka – Great Commission Media Ministry, Finland, Committee Chairman
  • Tom Zahradnik – The Sound of Life Radio Network, New York
  • Tim Klingbeil – TWR, North Carolina 
  • Wayne Pederson – HCJB Global, Colorado
  • Jeffrey Anderson – Jeffrey P. Anderson and Associates, Virginia
  • Stan Jeter – CBN, Virginia
  • Larry Hauer – Campus Crusade for Christ International, Florida
  • Jon Hull – KSBJ, Texas
  • Bill Blount – Blount Communications, New Hampshire
  • Tim Whitehead – Galcom International, Canada
  • Ratna Sajja – In Touch, Georgia
  • Ron Harris – NRB

Our thanks to all who made the international contingency at NRB 2012 feel welcome and at home.

Dr. Ron Harris - Senior Vice-President for Strategic Partnerships.

PHOTOS ABOVE: (1) Hannu Haukka speaking at the International Keynote Session. (2) Michael Youssef speaking at the International Keynote Session. (3) Attendees enjoying fellowship at the International Reception at NRB 2012.