The Waters of Life

World Water Day logoWith roughly 884 million people in the world without access to clean water and more than 9,000 deaths every day (mostly children), Gospel for Asia is doing something about it: providing clean water and providing tools to countless people for a chance to survive.

In recognition of World Water Day on March 22, Gospel for Asia, an evangelical mission organization and NRB member, is giving out BioSand water filters and digging “Jesus Wells” in areas of South Asia that lack clean water. By providing a fresh water source to entire villages, “Jesus Wells” allow poor and powerless people, like the Dalits ("Untouchables"), to draw clean water.

Women using Jesus Well"I have seen Dalits walking for miles to get water," said Daniel Punnose, the Vice President of Gospel for Asia. "Because of their low status, they are not allowed to draw water from the same source as everyone else. Gospel for Asia is demonstrating Christ's love tangibly by providing clean water to communities and people who desperately need it."

Click here for more information and to contribute towards a “Jesus Well” or BioSand water filter.

PHOTO ABOVE: Women using a "Jesus Well" for water. Photograph courtsey of Gospel For Asia.