Ted Baehr Receives Media Award

Ted BaehrFusion Global recently honored NRB Board Member Ted Baehr with their Mordechai in Media Award for his influential work within the film industry and the Jewish community.

Fusion Global unites Jewish and Christian believers through worship and participation in Jewish holidays. Calling him a “modern day Mordechai,” Rabbi Jason Sobel, Director of Fusion Global, told Baehr during the ceremony, “Your work in the film industry instilling faith and values in media, transforming current culture from the inside out makes you a perfect recipient of Fusion Global’s Mordechai in Media Award.”

As Founder and Chairman of The Christian Film & Television Commission™ and Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE® Magazine (a family guide to entertainment), Ted Baehr has committed himself to help redeem the values of the mass media and to encourage families to use wisdom in selecting their entertainment.