'SonSet® Effect' Initiative Introduces New Technology to Reach Thousands More for Christ

Women holding a Sunet radioReach Beyond is expanding its reach for Christ by sending 4,000 new SonSet® radios that have FM, AM, satellite, and shortwave capabilities to the Asia Pacific Region for distribution in multiple countries.

The new technology is part of an ongoing, sustained push by Reach Beyond's global effort to reach the unreached, with the Asia Pacific Region being the area of the world with the highest concentration of those who have not heard the Gospel.

"As a part of what we are calling the 'SonSet® Effect,' we can take the Gospel to places where the name of Jesus has never been heard," said Wayne Pederson, President and CEO of Reach Beyond. "This new technology will be able to reach thousands more than before in some of the world's most remote regions."

To date, more than 500 radio stations have been planted together with local partners worldwide, and more than 50,000 SonSet® radios have been distributed in dozens of countries, such as Thailand, Ghana, Lesotho, Ecuador, and Panama. Each radio can reach anywhere from one person to an entire community.

Reach Beyond has described the radios as "little missionaries" that can go even where it's too dangerous for human missionaries to travel. The radios are solar-powered and fixed-tuned to a local Christian radio station. All people have to do is press "on" and instantly they are listening to the Gospel in their own language from their own community.

While the previous version was only able to pick up FM stations, the new unit adds AM, satellite, and shortwave capability.  So now, regardless of the broadcast method, a person can get access to a particular station.

Pederson said this is especially important in closed locations where local stations do not exist or can't be licensed, such as China or anywhere in the Middle East. In those cases, SonSet® radios can now use shortwave or satellite technology.

By NRB Staff

Published: March 19, 2015


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