Radio Station Totals Increase

Led by a significant rise in noncommercial educational (NCE) radio stations, the total number of licensed radio stations (not including translators and boosters) has increased to 15,906 as of June 30, according to the FCC’s most recent tally.

Commercial FM stations (6,568 stations, up 41 from last year) remain a clear plurality among full power radio licenses (44% of the total full-power licenses) and AM stations held relatively steady at 4,754 stations (down 16 from last year). However, NCE FM stations saw the largest increase, rising to 3,760 stations (247 more than last year, a 7 percent increase). Indeed, NCE FM stations have increased in number by 17 percent since June 2010 and by 63 percent over the last ten years. As a whole, the number of full power radio stations has increased by almost 14 percent over ten years. 

  • Find the June 2012 FCC Broadcast Station Total here and past reports here.

 By Aaron Mercer, Vice President Government Relations

Published: July 27, 2012