Radio Listeners Help Bring New Life to Ecuador

Joy FM Radio TeamLast month, a radio station in St. Louis was able to raise over $91,000 in a single day to support two Christian radio stations in Ecuador.

Joy FM in St. Louis had dedicated June 29 to help keep HCJB-FM in Quito and HCJB-2 in the coastal city of Guayaquil on the air in Ecuador after hearing about their situation. 

For two years HCJB-FM had been raising funds to replace a 37-year-old transmitter, but with little success.  With the transmitter on its last legs and the antenna tower at sister FM station HCJB-2 rusting and deteriorating, the ministries faced an urgent need.

In response, Joy FM mobilized over 1,000 radio listeners to help meet the important needs at the stations in Quito and Guayaquil.

They not only raised all the funds needed to replace the transmitter and tower, but went nearly $28,000 beyond the goal, helping replace failing studio equipment at the station in Quito.

“I was completely overwhelmed by the response of the Joy FM listeners,” said Jon Fugler, HCJB Global’s vice president of advancement, who was on the air with the Joy FM staff during most of the fundraising event. “These listeners are committed to missions, and they spoke with their wallets. I have never seen so much money raised in such a short period of time.”

Thanks to the contributions, the signals from the two stations will continue to be heard by a total of 9 million people – nearly two-thirds of the country’s population.

HCJB-FM and HCJB-2 are ministries of HCJB Global, whose mission is to reach the unreached with the Gospel around the world via media, healthcare and training.

PHOTO ABOVE: Taking a breather in the studio during the “HCJB New Life for Ecuador” fundraiser on June 28, Joy FM’s Johnathon Eltrevoog and Sandi Brown flank HCJB Global’s Jon Fugler. Photograph courtesy of HCJB Global.