Precept Ministries Opening Office in Cairo

GlobePrecept Ministries International is opening an office in Cairo this year to serve the growing ministry in Egypt.

According to the ministry, Egypt has become a key location for training pastors and leaders from closed and semi-closed countries who cannot obtain visas for training in other countries.

Through workshops, Bible studies, and training institutes held in partnership with large evangelical churches in Egypt, Precept has drawn thousands of people.

To date, the Precept team in Egypt has networked and trained in four cities. Furthermore, in just two months, 224 leaders have been trained and there are now over 2,000 students in Precept studies.

“The leaders and students are overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to study inductively,” reported a member of the ministry team. “They know the unrest and turmoil in this region is volatile, and yet they come hungry to grow and learn.”

Precept Ministries is asking supporters to join them in prayer for the work God is doing in Egypt. The ministry is also praying that God will continue to lay on the hearts of His people the need to support Precept’s work of establishing people in God’s Word around the world.

Precept’s God-inspired goal is to reach 10 million people with inductive study of God's life-changing Word within the next five years.  

Published: September 27, 2012