Papua New Guinea Christian Radio Grows, Has Needs                  

BlueboxWantok Radio Light, recipient of the 2007 NRB International Station of the Year Award, recently celebrated the birth of its 18th radio station in Papua New Guinea (PNG). That growth, however, has also put the radio ministry into a position of urgent need.

Over the past 10 years, New Life Radio, headed by NRB member Joe Emert, has provided Wantok Radio Light’s network with several sets of the Comrex "Blue-Box" PoTS CodeC.  These units have worked exceedingly well with the limited quality telephone system in the country.  However, due to constant use, they are wearing out, and Comrex no longer manufactures them.  

As a result, NRB is calling on its members to help meet the needs of the ministry in PNG as was done in 2006, when NRB members helped fund two new stations in PNG through the convention worship offering.  Stations that have recently upgraded are especially encouraged to donate their old "Blue-Boxes" for ministry in PNG.

For more information on how to contribute to the radio ministry in PNG, contact Joe Emert, NewLife FM & Life Radio Ministries, Inc., at (419) 294-2020 or jemert@NewLife.FM.

PHOTO ABOVE: An example of a Blue-Box needed by Wantok Radio Light.

Published: July 26, 2012