Want to Make an Impact in DC? Join the NRB President’s Council

NRB President's CouncilFrom among its membership, NRB has been building up a select group of strategic partners who wish to bolster the work of the association through additional commitments of time, support, and financial resources.

Members of the NRB President’s Council understand the singular importance of NRB’s engagement in the legislative, legal, and regulatory processes centered in Washington, DC, recognizing that these efforts are crucial in the battle to keep the doors of electronic media open for the spread of the Gospel.

Through participation in special events in the nation's capital, President’s Council members serve as influential ambassadors for NRB as they interact with political leaders and others with positions of significant influence and authority.

“The President’s Council is a ‘must’ for all members of the NRB who see the need for involvement with the federal government, which is so engaged with what broadcasters do now and intend to do in the future,” commented Michael Little, President & COO of The Christian Broadcasting Network, a member of the NRB President's Council, and a member of the NRB Board of Directors.

“Our investment is a well-placed strategic investment in the building of the Kingdom of God, and without question, the successes of the NRB for Christian broadcasters, for Christian communicators, have been monumental,” added WLMB-TV 40 Toledo President & CEO Jamey Schmitz, who is also a member of the NRB President’s Council and the NRB Board of Directors. “If you are a Christian broadcaster, I can think of no wiser place to invest in the preservation and expansion of your religious freedoms than to become a member of the NRB President’s Council.”

Each year, President’s Council members receive a special invitation to attend the President's Council Reception held during the annual NRB International Christian Media Convention as well as the annual Capitol Hill Media Summit in Washington, DC, in the fall.

This year’s Capitol Hill Media Summit will be held October 6-8. Council Members will enjoy personal interactions with House, Senate, and FCC leaders, among others, and briefings on NRB’s crucial Government Relations efforts. They will also receive a briefing and tour the construction site of the new Museum of the Bible and cruise the Potomac on a private charter of the U.S.S. Sequoia, a meticulously restored, 104-foot, 1925 Trumpy-designed yacht that has served Presidents since Herbert Hoover. They will see where President Kennedy held strategy meetings during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

For more information about the President’s Council and a list of current members, click here. You can also contact Melissa Sturgis, Director of Membership, at 703-331-4502.

By NRB Staff

Published: August 6, 2015


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