Vonette Bright: Beginning the Journey Home

Vonette Bright with Brad and Kathy Bright  Vonette Bright, Co-Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ and longtime supporter of NRB, wants everyone to know that she is at peace and ready to meet her Savior face to face and to be reunited with her late husband, Bill, after receiving news last week regarding her health.

In a message from her adult children, it was revealed that Mrs. Bright’s blood disease “has morphed into acute leukemia and she has about 4-8 weeks (of course she could defy the odds as she has so many times before!).”

“Although the news is not unexpected, the short timetable has taken us by surprise,” shared Brad and Kathy Bright.

In light of the latest update, the Brights compiled the following list of answers to some frequently asked questions:

1. “Her white blood cell count is 100,000 (normal is 6,000 to 10,000). She cannot handle any treatment for the leukemia. Our understanding is that the white blood cells will begin attacking the organs as well as overwhelm red blood cell production. Her immune system is breaking down and she is increasingly susceptible to infection. Her prayer is that she will simply become weaker, fall asleep and wake up in the arms of Jesus. Please join us in praying she does not contract pneumonia or any other illness.”

2. “She will be staying in her home. As many of you know, we had planned on moving her to our home so we could all be together in her final years. Although the decision began as a financial one we soon concluded that it was much more – a chance to be near each other on a daily basis and enjoy family. Mother loves her condo but she agreed that spending the last years closer to us was more important. Now that plan has obviously changed. The financial issues are resolved and she is able to stay in the condo until she goes to glory. Since we still have two dogs at home (that can’t take care of themselves!) we (Brad and Kathy) will trade off staying with Mother when the time is near. She has 24/7 care from Comfort Keepers and Hospice is on call.”

3. “She is able to have visitors (and she wants them!). We ask that you please schedule a visit through her office and not directly with Mother. We want her to have the joy of being with friends as long as possible but need to manage the flow so she doesn’t become exhausted. Also, if you schedule directly with Mother there is a strong possibility she will forget. More than one person has arrived for a visit only to find Mother isn’t at home because she forgot and didn’t tell anyone about the visit!”

4. “If you visit Mother PLEASE be sure you are not sick. Even a minor cold is dangerous for her!”

In closing, the Brights expressed their gratitude for the prayers of friends and supporters and said they will be providing updates.

“Thank you for your prayers,” they concluded. “Pray for us as we help her cross the finish line. Our desire is to shower her with love and give her the peace of knowing that everything is taken care of.”

Personal words of encouragement can be sent to:

Vonette Bright:
c/o CRU
100 Lake Hart Drive #2100
Orlando, FL  32832

By NRB Staff

Published: December 3, 2015


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