Top Reason to Attend Proclaim 16: Strategic Networking!

NRB NetgworkingWhen it comes to strategic networking opportunities for Christian media and ministry professionals, NRB’s International Christian Media Convention is a frontrunner.

With hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of participants, the Convention provides participants with the opportunity to directly meet and speak with representatives of various organizations and service providers, including Answers in Genesis, Baker Publishing Group, Christian Friends of Israel, Christian Healthcare Ministries, DonorDirect, Family Research Council, Ka You Communications, Marketing Support Network, MicahTek, Inc., Reach Beyond, TWR, and many more. The soon-to-be-released Convention app, furthermore, will help you set up appointments and notify exhibitors of your desire to connect.

Also at the upcoming Convention, Proclaim 16, will be an Industry Networking Reception on Tuesday, February 23, 2016, that will offer you special access to peers in your respective field, whether it be church media, film, Internet, radio, or television. Furthermore, for international attendees and attendees whose organizations have an international outreach, the International Reception sponsored by Arqiva on Monday, February 22, will allow you to meet Christian communicators from around the world.

And that’s only the beginning!

At the upcoming Convention, there will be several industry-specific summits where you’ll hear from leaders in your field and rub elbows with like-minded media and ministry professionals. The NRB Digital Media Summit, a pre-Convention event, will be held on February 22, 2016. Other summits that will take place during the week of Proclaim 16 include the Radio Summit, TV Summit, Church Media Summit, International Summit, Film & Entertainment Summit, and Donor Development Summit. There will also be a special Pastors Track.

As an added benefit, there will be autograph booths on the award-winning Exposition floor featuring more than a dozen authors and Christian leaders who are available to sign books and other items. Participating will be Sami Cone, Mark Gregston, Ken Ham, Star Parker, and Tony Perkins, among others.

Want people to come to you? Let others know that you’ll be attending the Convention by including #proclaim16 in your tweets. You can also browse through our list of convention participants in the Twittersphere and add your name as well by sending a tweet to @NRBConvention!

In short, networking opportunities abound at the Convention. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the testimonies from past convention participants:

  • "The relationships I built at NRB are invaluable. I could not have made these types of connections anywhere else."
  • "Lots of people we needed to meet and talk to all in one place. Do not have to travel the country to meet them all."
  • "NRB allows me to meet ministry leaders and decision makers face-to-face. That personal relationship makes all the difference in our interaction together throughout the year."
  • "The NRB Convention is the highlight of my year. I have had so many God encounters and met so many great people. It truly is a blessing to have an atmosphere and event to receive support from peers and mentors in the industry and to meet new people that God puts in your path."
  • "It's a great place to network with successful Christian broadcasters who know what they're doing and can give advice to a struggling business or upstart student."
  • "Met people to share my program with from all over the world all in one place."
  • "It was great meeting like-minded ministries and finding out about new ones."
  • "This is our opportunity to connect with many people in one place."
  • "[The NRB Convention] provides an opportunity to interact with the people who produce the programs we broadcast, the artists whose music we play, and people who have jobs like ours at other radio stations."
  • “NRB is a great place to meet with our ministry partners.”
  • “Great gathering for meetings and connections.”
  • “If you are a Christian and in the media field, the NRB Convention is something you need to experience at least once!”
  • “It's where you meet the people you need to know.”
  • “Great encouragement to know that you are not alone in what you do and that others have the same concerns, problems, and joys that you do.”
  • “The Convention is great to network with people! The word needs to get out to pastors who have smaller churches that they need to come!”
  • “If you are in Christian broadcasting – or want to be – you need to be there.”

So, if you haven't already, register today for Proclaim 16!

By NRB Staff

Published: December 17, 2015


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