Quake Survivors Benefit from TWR Nepal Broadcasts

TWR Nepal ChildrenA special program produced by TWR Nepal is making a difference in the lives of traumatized survivors of the earthquakes that killed thousands in Nepal earlier this year.

According to TWR, the 15-minute program is broadcast daily on 15 FM stations in the most severely affected districts of the mountainous country. The Nepal team has begun receiving regular calls from listeners of the trauma-healing program.

“Since the earthquake took place, my children have become depressed,” one listener said. “They have not been able to sleep at night. They are living life with fear and anxiety, which made me worry. But your program has helped me cope with my children’s fear. Thank you so much for teaching us how to deal with children in trauma and depression.”

A station manager who is not a believer said the program has brought a glimpse of hope to local residents, many of whom have been displaced because of the quake damage.

“Though it is related to Christianity, I have been greatly influenced by this program,” he reportedly said. “And as the demand of listeners for this program is also very high, I have been broadcasting this program free of charge three times a day. If such a program is broadcast in the days to come, then it is for sure that the whole district will be drastically influenced.”

The TWR Nepal team has been cooperating with governmental and nongovernmental organizations to deliver supplies of food and shelter to areas affected by the disaster.

To learn more about TWR’s response in the wake of the tragedy and about how you can help, visit www.twr.org/AsiaDisasterRelief.

By NRB Staff

PHOTO ABOVE: Photograph courtesy of TWR Nepal.

Published: July 16, 2015


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