NRB Welcomes 24 New Members

NRB New MembersThe National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Executive Committee has voted to approve 12 new full members and 12 new associate members.

A nonpartisan international association of committed broadcasters and Christian communicators, NRB’s membership is an exciting blend of all forms of electronic mass media: radio and television stations, program producers, filmmakers and distributors, churches with media ministries, Christian educational institutions with communications programs, worship technologies, media arts, music-only broadcasting, internet communications, emerging technologies, and affiliated media-related agencies, consultancies, and law firms that support religious broadcasters.

Full membership with voice and vote and all other benefits of NRB is offered to organizations and individuals within the United States and internationally that directly engage in the use of electronic mass media for the dissemination of the Gospel. Associate membership is offered to individuals and organizations who are engaged in services related to the purposes of the members of NRB. For more information about NRB membership, visit or email

The following are new members:


American Pastors Network

Cradle My Heart Productions

Final Hour Power Ministries, Inc.

Harvest Bible Chapel - Granger

Moving Forward with Dr. Stephen Rummage

Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance

Sandra Swann (Individual)

Steve Dick (Individual)

Vision 40 Media

WGS Ministries


Zelma Loseke (Individual)


Beautifully Broken, LLC

Carol Swain (Individual)

Charisma Media

Christopher Crentsil (Individual)

Kathleen Cooke (Individual)

MOPS International

Restored Hope Network

Results Business Solutions Inc.

Suzanne Niles (Individual)

The Moody Center

Vineyard Outreach America

Wedel Software

By NRB Staff

Published: March 22, 2018


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