NRB President Calls on Members to Urge Congress to #DefundPP

Defund Planned ParenthoodWith Congress set to return from recess on September 8, NRB President & CEO Dr. Jerry A. Johnson is encouraging the association’s members to contact their representatives about defunding the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and to utilize their media platforms to urge others to do the same.

“If the media juggernauts of our nation won’t reveal the truth, we need to,” Dr. Johnson expressed in an email to members of NRB, the nation’s largest association of Christian broadcasters and communicators. “We have broadcasts. We have websites and online streams. We have microphones. Let’s get the word out!”

Already, a number of NRB members have been active in rallying their listeners, readers, and supporters, including radio networks like Bott Radio Network, which is airing PSAs on the matter.

Family Research Council is circulating an online petition urging Congress to take whatever steps necessary in September to defund PPFA.

“We need you to urge Congress to act as soon as they return to Washington in September to at least pass a moratorium on funding Planned Parenthood while Congress and states investigate these atrocities,” FRC stated. “Voters must demand that at a minimum the House Republican leadership attach a funding moratorium to must-pass legislation in order to build momentum for the Senate to halt the federal complicity in this organization’s inhumane practices.”

Also calling for action is the American Family Association, which has issued an Action Alert to its friends and supporters.

“Lawmakers around the country are in their own districts during the August recess, and the American Family Association believes now is the time to contact them directly and urge them to defund Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, of $500 million in taxpayer funds,” shared AFA President Tim Wildmon.

“Our representatives and senators need to hear from us personally,” he added. “With a single vote, Congress can put an end to the $528 million cash flow funneled to Planned Parenthood from taxpayers.”

This coming weekend, hundreds of pastors across the country are expected to preach on the topic of abortion in response to a call by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and other leaders. More specifically, pastors have been asked to preach a message calling on their congregation “to enter into this spiritual battle for the soul of their nation.”

In a video circulated by the American Renewal Project, Sen. Cruz said, "Only our pastors, our faith leaders, our church leaders have enough influence to put a stop to this ongoing holocaust."

“As the son of a pastor, I know you bear a high and holy calling on your lives,” stated Sen. Cruz. “I am urging you to confront this evil in our nation by praying and preaching with an unbridled passion until funding for Planned Parenthood ends, and this barbaric practice is purged from the land.”

In addition to their preaching on Sunday, pastors have been encouraged to lead their congregation in a “Day of Prayer and Fasting” during their Wednesday night services on September 9, calling on God “to move in the hearts of men and women in government to vote to end the slaughter of the innocents.”

An outline they can use for specific sermon notes is available online here.

In his letter to NRB members, Dr. Johnson closed by pointing to resources online and praying for “strength and courage as we uphold life and liberty in this land.”

“Let’s stand together this weekend and in the days ahead to make sure listeners, viewers, and congregations know that #PPSellsBabyParts and to urge Congress to #DefundPP,” he stated.

By NRB Staff

Published: August 27, 2015


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