NRB Member Stations Encouraged to Develop Relationships with Members of Congress

CapitolThe Executive Director of the NRB Music License Committee (NRBMLC) is encouraging NRB member stations to reach out to their legislators and let them know what they are doing and why it matters.

While NRB communicates with policymakers on Capitol Hill on behalf of members, NRBMLC Executive Director Russ Hauth said there also needs to be a more engaged local effort.

“Your Members of Congress need to know about you, and how you are serving with them to build a better community,” he stated in a recent letter to NRBMLC friends and supporters.

“First and foremost, we should get to know our Reps and show them how we are partnering with them to solve problems in their Congressional District,” Hauth advised. “Invite them into our network of trust and cooperation, and literally, engage with them in our studios or at our events.”

In concluding, Hauth noted that it’s not difficult to get engaged with policymakers locally.

“Treat your congressional contacts like they are a client, deliberately pursued,” he suggested.

The NRBMLC and its noncommercial counterpart (NRBNMLC) represent full-power AM and FM radio stations in the U.S. and its territories in music licensing negotiations. Organized as a Standing Committee of the NRB, NRBMLC’s focus is to serve the association’s member stations in negotiating fair and nondiscriminatory music licenses with the performance rights organizations (“P.R.O.s”) – ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange. It also helps answer day-to-day license compliance questions. 

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By NRB Staff

Published: May 12, 2016


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