Life Choices Celebrating 30th Anniversary

It Started at NRB

Life Choices logoIn 1984, during the NRB annual convention in Washington, DC, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Founder of Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University, addressed the growing problem of abortion that was claiming millions of unborn babies across the nation.

Following the address, legendary Christian singer Pat Boone sang “Let Me Live,” a song about a baby crying out not to be aborted but allowed to live in the sunshine of God’s world.

Among those attending the convention were Buck Jones, one of the founders of Adrian Rogers’ Love Worth Finding ministry, and his wife, Juanette, and Don Johnson and his wife, Ann.

Deeply touched by the alarming issue, the four friends asked, “Why doesn’t God do something?” That question was soon after followed by another: “Why don’t you do something?” 

After many months of meeting and prayer, the four were led to establish “Life Choices” – a name that highlighted the founders’ desire to move beyond the “anti-abortion” label that pro-lifers had at the time.

“There was ‘choice’ involved,” explained Johnson, “but it could be presented from the perspective of ‘life’ so we chose to name our ministry ‘Life Choices.’”

Since then, the organization has grown from a staff of one “Director” in small converted suites to a 15-person team that now operates a medical center in Memphis, TN, providing instruction, counseling, ultra-sound, adoption, and even a post-abortion service. 

Led by President and CEO Sue Parker, Life Choices has been recognized as one of the nation’s prime pro-life ministries. Its weekly radio program, For Life and Liberty, hosted by Parker and Karen McNeil, airs on Bott Radio Network and promotes other ministries whose values the organization shares.

“It was always our desire to practically help girls going through crisis with unexpected and sometimes unwanted pregnancy,” shared Johnson, who is now a member of Life Choices’ Board of Directors, as well as Producer/Host of Afterglow, a globally syndicated music ministry.

“Free tests, spiritual counseling to assist them in making wise decisions, ongoing meetings with those who come to us, a clothes closet for those choosing to carry their baby to birth, and providing selection of a family for those who desire to follow adoption are some of the ways we seek to give needed assistance to many,” he added.

On Tuesday, September 22, Life Choices will be celebrating their 30th anniversary during their annual banquet.

“This ministry was founded in prayer so we continue to lean upon God and His guidance in each Board meeting and every daily action of saving the lives of the expectant mothers and their precious children,” reported Johnson, who is a longtime member of NRB, having served on its Board Of Directors and having been recognized with its Milestone Award in 2002.

“Praise the Lord for the past 30 years,” Johnson exclaimed. “And praise Him for planting the seed for all this to happen through National Religious Broadcasters.”

To reserve a seat at the banquet, click here. It will be held at Germantown Baptist Church in Germantown, TN.

By NRB Staff

Published: September 17, 2015


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