IRD Launches Journal Examining U.S. Foreign Policy from Christian Perspective

Providence MagazineThe Institute for Religion and Democracy has announced the launch of Providence, a journal that will provide conservative Protestant and Evangelical perspectives on international issues.

"Providence seeks to foster Christian conversation about our moral duties as Americans in this place and time to seek, promote, and preserve an approximate justice with liberty for as many as possible, to include above all the liberty to hear and proclaim the Gospel around the world,” commented IRD President Mark Tooley.

IRD noted that Evangelical Christians today are among the most influential groups of activists and voters in America. Yet, when it comes to scholarly discussion of international affairs, conservative evangelicals are astonishingly underrepresented.

"Today's Evangelical pacifists and isolationists are partly a reaction against past Evangelical and Protestant failure to articulate effectively, if at all, historic Christian ethical teaching about God's purpose for nations and governments,” explained Tooley. “Providence will strive to rectify that failure and to initiate an exciting new adventure in seeking to interpret where America fits in the divine constellation of an ever onrushing human history."

Since launching the journal earlier this month, the IRD has already sent out the first issue. The organization's plan is to release a new issue each quarter. The IRD also has a blog for the journal. It can be read at

By NRB Staff

Published: November 19, 2015


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