Haven Ministries: 67,000 Bibles on Their Way to Cuba

Haven Today giving out Bibles in CubaMore than 67,000 Bibles are on their way to Cuba as a result of the partnership between Haven Ministries, the Bible Commission of Cuba, and the United Bible Society.

While the freedom to worship has broadened in Cuba and the number of Christians has doubled over the past few decades, many don’t have Bibles.

“There was a period of a few decades when they couldn't have any Bibles. They weren’t allowed. They were forbidden,” explains Haven's Charles Morris.

Two months ago, Morris led a group of Haven friends to explore the state of the Church and the church of the State. While Roman Catholicism remained officially tolerated, the underground evangelical church persisted – small but vibrant. And in spite of Soviet and socialist suppression, the home church movement is thriving.

“Through it all … the Lord preserved His Church and the Holy Sprit made the faith of the believers stronger,” shared Rick Wolling, the lead pastor of Beverly Heights Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, who was among those who traveled to Cuba with Morris. “To think that there is no viable church in Cuba is simply wrong.”

Yet, as the Church in Cuba grows, there's a massive shortage of copies of Scripture. 

And while in the country with the team from Haven, Morris saw the desperate need for Scripture. As a result, Haven immediately stepped up to the plate and has since been raising funds for the printing and delivery of hardback Bibles printed on quality India Bible paper, which will last for years in Cuba's hot, humid climate.

Now, more than 67,000 copies of the Bible are on their way.

“That's a staggering number!” exclaimed Haven ministry partner Jim Sanders of Ambassador Advertising Agency. “And it's a result of the vision of Haven's Charles Morris and an array of generous donors.”

As the country and the people are poised for a massive spiritual and economic recovery, Sanders said the Church needs to be ready to help in that process.

To be a part of supplying Cuban Christians with a copy of God's Word, go to www.HavenToday.org. The entirety of the donations goes toward the Cuban Bibles ministry.

PHOTO ABOVE: Charles Morris, Haven Today, handing out Bibles at a church in Cuba. Photograph courtesy of Haven Ministries.

By NRB Staff

Published: August 13, 2015


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