Guidelines International Ministries Plants Legacy Radio Station in the Balkans

MostarGuidelines International Ministries has planted a Legacy Radio Station in the Balkans, partnering with Media 7 Albania.

According to the organization, the Muslim community receiving the station is completely unreached and 75% of this country’s population is under the age of 35.

Recently, ISIS threatened those in the area who “worship other gods than Allah,” saying, “Very soon are coming black days for you.” Despite this threat, the station began broadcasting in late July.

“This is a rare opportunity to proclaim Christ,” explained Guidelines Founder Harold Sala. “Of all our radio projects over the last 50 years, this one, most of all, is the station that prayer will build.”

Media 7 Founder Enkelejda Kumaraku agreed, stating, “This is a crucial moment in the history of this nation and we see spiritual warfare intensifying.

“We represent the first generation of Christians who made the choice ‘to arise and build,’” she reported. “We have seen open doors for the Gospel and at the same time great threats.  Media 7 is very thankful to Guidelines International for their support for our new station.”

Media 7 Albania currently broadcasts the Gospel on six radio stations and two television stations in Balkan nations. Kumaraku and her team were honored by NRB for excellence with the International Radio Ministry Award in 2014.

The Guidelines Legacy Project exists to establish community-based radio stations and to equip partners on the ground to provide Bible-based, people-oriented programming in completely unserved areas. 

Guidelines’ ministry focuses on reaching people who need a relationship with God through media and literature, teaching them biblical principles to live out the life of Christ and touching hurting lives in practical ways.

By NRB Staff

Published: August 20, 2015


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