Grace to You ‘Reaches Out’ Through New Initiative

Grace to You logoNearly 600 sermons preached by Pastor John MacArthur are currently being translated into four languages as part of a new initiative to spread the Gospel and to edify believers throughout the world.

In partnership with Trans World Radio, MacArthur’s Grace to You (GTY) ministry is taking 575 key sermons and translating them into Arabic, French, Mandarin, and Portuguese.

“What we desire to accomplish through the translation of these messages is to further the Gospel around the world,” shared Greg Hauser, who is leading the effort at GTY. “The ministry of Pastor John is to unleash God’s Truth one verse at a time. And our desire is to have the availability of messages in as many languages as possible to impact people for the Gospel.”

According to the ministry, around 1.8 million English messages are downloaded each month from the GTY website. Outside the translation work in Spanish through Gracia a Vosotros, virtually all have been in English only – that is, until GTY launched the Grace Reaches Out initiative around the end of April last year.

Now, GTY expects to have each of the 575 sermons translated into the first four languages by the end of 2019. After the first set of languages, the ministry intends to roll out another set of translated messages. Among the “high impact” languages being considered are Bhasa Indonesian, German, Korean, Italian, Russian, and Vietnamese.

High impact languages, as Hauser explained, are those that are the mother tongue for the most number of people. While there are more than 7,100 known languages alive in the world today, 23 languages make up the native tongue of more than 4 billion people, or more than half of the world’s population.

“Considering stewardship issues, Grace to You understands that we may not be able to translate John’s messages into all languages,” Hauser told NRB Today. “Therefore, we have prioritized the work based upon high impact languages.”

According to Hauser, the 575 messages being translated were selected from 100 different sermon series covering a breadth of biblical topics, including Christian growth and sanctification, the crucifixion and resurrection, Christmas, the Gospel, the Church, the person of God, and Scripture, among others.

Hauser said the series selected were ones that have demonstrated strong listener response.

As each message is translated, GTY will post them on its website at

Like other messages posted on the GTY website, individuals can download the sermons for free. According to Hauser, 8-12 messages will be translated each month. In addition to the audio, full transcripts are also available for free.

Over the course of nearly five decades, MacArthur has delivered more than 4,000 messages – around 3,200 of which are available to download for free on the GTY website. 

By NRB Staff

Published: June 23, 2016


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