God’s Compass Wins Best Screenplay from International Christian Film Festival

God's CompassGod’s Compass, the third feature-length motion picture produced in cooperation with Liberty University’s Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center, was awarded Best Screenplay at the International Christian Film Festival (ICFF) on April 30.

The film also received 2016 ICFF nominations for Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Actor.

“Being nominated as a film at the highest level of the faith market and then to win the award in screenwriting, validates the incredible educational opportunity our students engage in as they go through the Cinematic Arts program at Liberty University,” said Stephan Schultze, Executive Director of Liberty Cinematic Arts department and writer/director of God’s Compass.

The film, which released on DVD on May 3 and opened the premiere night at the Bentonville Film Festival (BFF) in Arkansas on May 5, features familiar faces from recent faith-based and family films, including War Room stars Karen Abercrombie and T.C. Stallings (whose God’s Compass performances received ICFF nominations for Best Actress and Best Actor, respectively); Erin Bethea from Fireproof; and Robert Amaya of Courageous and Moms’ Night Out.

The movie tells the story of a recently retired high school principal (Abercrombie) who takes in a delinquent boy and discovers a miraculous connection that brings her and her son’s family through healing and a renewed faith journey.

God’s Compass portrays a kind of faith that seems out of reach to most of us and yet affirms its potential for all of us. Bold and brave in its story and its style, this is a film to applaud,” said writer/director Randall Wallace (Braveheart, Heaven is for Real), according to the Liberty University News Service.

Screenwriter Dan Gordon (The Hurricane, Wyatt Earp, Highway to Heaven) added: “It is a powerful, uplifting, heartfelt Christian film, meeting the highest Hollywood professional standards. No other film school in the world, Christian or secular, makes its own feature films. Liberty University has become the UCLA, USC, NYU, and Columbia University, combined, of Christian filmmaking.”

Schultze said the reception of God’s Compass demonstrates that Liberty’s cinema department — now in its fifth year — is achieving its mission to train successful, influential filmmakers.

“No other film school in the country makes fully funded movies with its students,” he said. “Liberty University’s cinema department is giving its students a tremendous gift.”

God’s Compass has received the Dove Family-Approved Seal and was endorsed by the American Family Association. The film has also received endorsements from accomplished Hollywood talents.

The DVD is being sold at Walmart, Lifeway Christian Stores, Family Christian Stores, and other retailers.

By NRB Staff

Published: May 12, 2016


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