Focus on the Family Building Houses for Families of the Egyptian Martyrs

Focus on the Family House building projectFocus on the Family has been working to build and repair houses for the families of the 20 Egyptian martyrs killed earlier this year by ISIS terrorists.

In February, the news of the 20 Egyptian men and their Ghanaian coworker who were murdered by ISIS in Libya reverberated around the world. All of the Egyptian men were members of the Coptic Christian church, and went to Libya in search of work to help feed their families living under the poverty line in Egypt.

Immediately following the tragedy, a team from Focus on the Family Egypt led by Sami Yacoub, the regional director for Focus on the Family’s Middle East outreach, visited the communities in Upper Egypt where the Egyptian martyrs came from. They spent two days in the villages, going from door to door to meet the friends and families of the men.

When the team asked several of the families what needs they had that Focus might be able to help with, they did not ask for supplies or money. Instead, they asked only that the team pray that their faith remains strong.

Noting, however, that the families did have immediate physical needs, specifically safe and sturdy housing, the Focus office partnered with local churches to continue their outreach and support to the families of these 20 men.

And thanks to the generous donations of Focus friends, the Focus Middle East outreach began building and repairing homes in Samalout, Egypt. Moreover, the organization noted how God has used the construction efforts to bring the community together.

“Our Focus team has been able to hire laborers from surrounding villages, giving them a source of income as well as a sense of pride in helping these families in need,” shared Focus President Jim Daly. “Some are coming to volunteer their time and talent to help build the houses. Others bring food and drink to the work crews. A few of the family members are also spending time with the work crews, helping them build and feeding them.

“It brings us great joy to get to see these houses go up as a sign of love and unity within the global Church,” Daly added. “It’s amazing to see how God’s presence reigns sovereign even in the midst of a horrible tragedy.”

According to Focus, the houses are simple, but they’re safe and sturdy, and the families receiving them are grateful beyond words.

The ministry is asking for prayers for the families. “Please ask God to continue to supernaturally encourage and comfort them,” wrote Daly in his blog. “And yes, please pray their faith would remain strong, and that they will continue to rely on Him for protection and provision.”

Information on how to support the ongoing global ministry of Focus on the Family, including the efforts in Upper Egypt, can be found here.

By NRB Staff

Published: August 13, 2015


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