FEBC Growing in Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine Russia mapThe Russian government recently refused to renew FEBC’s license to broadcast on AM radio in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but the ministry says it is not discouraged.

Rather, FEBC is excited about the new and upcoming opportunities that it has to share the Good News with millions of Russians.

“At this point we have more than 450,000 regular listeners a year online alone, and altogether more than a million by our estimates,” Dr. Victor Akhterov, Director for FEBC Russia/Ukraine, reported to NRB Today. “This number will be growing as we begin our promotional campaign in the second part of 2016.”
Currently, FEBC Russia/Ukraine has four FM stations in Russia, one FM station in Ukraine, and satellite service covering the former Soviet Union. Before the end of the year, the ministry will add another station, 68.36 FM, in Odessa, Ukraine.

“We already have the license to broadcast there and are excited about that. For us, it's a miracle door that God has just opened for us. We will announce this new station shortly. Now looking for partners to support the operation,” Akhterov reported.

In addition, FEBC Russia/Ukraine is applying for two temporary FM licenses in Eastern Ukraine.

“The government is promising us these frequencies, while the civil conflict (military operation) is ongoing,” Akhterov shared. “This is a unique opportunity to serve people who are suffering in this terrible conflict.”

This year, the ministry is investing in the promotion of FEBC’s smart phone apps, reaching a new generation of people throughout Russia and around the world.

Furthermore, the ministry is starting a Ukrainian online channel that will reach thousands in Kiev and other cities this year.

“So the ministry continues,” Akhterov reported. “Please pray for us as we go through these difficult and exciting changes.”

By NRB Staff

Published: May 12, 2016


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