Dr. Robert Jeffress: It is Time to Identify Radical Islam as the Enemy and Act

Dr. Robert JeffressOn the Sunday following the terrorist attacks on November 13 that left 129 dead and hundreds more wounded, Dr. Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, TX, noted that Christians should “certainly” be praying in response, but said “we need to do more than simply pray.”

“I believe it is time for us to lay aside political correctness, and identify the belief system that is responsible for these horrific acts – and that is the evil, evil religion of radical Islam,” he shared.

While Dr. Jeffress noted that individual Christians are called upon to love, to forgive, to pray, and to share the Gospel, he made clear that the government has a different God-given responsibility.

“Government is never called upon to forgive. Government is never called upon to turn the other cheek. The responsibility of government, according to the Word of God, is to protect its citizens,” he proclaimed.

Furthermore, Dr. Jeffress noted how it is “absolutely impossible to defeat an enemy you are unwilling to identify,” alluding to the notable absence of the word “Islam” in the comments of some government officials.

“If we do not confront and defeat the evil of radical Islam, the evil of radical Islam is going to confront and defeat us. It is time for our government to step up and do whatever is necessary militarily to rid this world of the cancer called radical Islam,” Dr. Jeffress exclaimed.

“It is time for us to act,” he concluded.

After hearing Dr. Jeffress’ pre-sermon remarks, Dr. Jerry A. Johnson, President & CEO of NRB, of which First Baptist Church is a member, said, "This is a bold, biblical, and needed message.”

“I thank God for Dr. Jeffress' prophetic voice," he added.

Elsewhere, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor of The Moody Church in Chicago, also made note of the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens, and called upon Christians to pray for their elected leaders following the attacks in Paris.

“Pray that they will be given wisdom as they do whatever they can to keep us safe, realizing that there is no ‘foolproof’ method to prevent an attack,” he shared. “We pray that our own nation will abandon its naïve understanding of terrorism, protect our borders, and vet those who come to live among us.”

By NRB Staff

Published: November 19, 2015


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