Daily Bread: New Faith-Based TV Series Offers Opportunities for Aspiring Actors, Filmmakers

Daily Bread castDaily Bread, the new post-apocalyptic TV series featuring an ensemble cast of seven millennial women “armed with cookbooks and guns,” is doing more than entertain.

According to Renaissance Women Productions (RWP), the nonprofit behind the series, Daily Bread is serving as an incubator for actors and crew members alike.

“We’re offering the educational opportunity for undiscovered talent and kids who feel the Lord has called them into the entertainment industry, but who don’t want to sell their souls in Hollywood to fulfill that dream,” explained Daily Bread showrunner Nina May, who is also Founder and Chairman of RWP and the Renaissance Foundation. “We are about touching and changing lives and the culture, while telling compelling stories and serving the Lord at the same time.” 

According to the organization, film enthusiasts and students of all ages have come together from all over the world to be a part of the production of Daily Bread, which tells the story of seven millennial women who choose to not just survive but thrive as they work to rebuild civilization after the world is darkened by a solar flare.

May said the project is to actors as American Idol was to singers or So You Think You Can Dance was to dancers. Furthermore, film students who want the opportunity to work with a real film crew apart from their school assignments are given the chance to shadow the professional crew behind the production. They are free to ask questions and encouraged to learn every aspect of film production on a project that will help launch their careers in the industry.

“Our project gives actors a chance to display their skills in a production in front of and behind the cameras,” May said.

According to RWP, the first season of Daily Bread is shot and in post-production.

To learn more about the series, the actors, the purpose, the themes, and obstacles, visit www.dailybreadseries.com.

By NRB Staff

Published: April 6, 2017


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