Christian Media Students: Win an iNRB Award!

iNRB WinnersDid you know that Christian students with an interest or major in broadcasting, journalism, or media communications are not only eligible to join iNRB, but are also able to participate in the annual iNRB contests and competitions for awards, prizes, and scholarships?

Every year, Production Awards are presented to undergraduate or graduate student iNRB members for outstanding examples of audio, video, and web productions. First place winners in each category win a $150 prize, plus a complimentary registration to that year’s NRB International Christian Media Convention. In addition to prize money, all first place winners receive an Award and a Certificate along with a $300 travel stipend to the Convention. Second and third place winners and their schools receive a Certificate.

Also open to iNRB student members are the 24:DV, 24:DA, 24:DN, and 24:PR Challenges, which pit teams from NRB member colleges and universities against each other to see who can produce the best finished product (video, audio, news report, and public relations campaign, respectively) during a limited timeframe. Not only will the winning teams from each challenge gain real-world experience, but they will also earn cash prizes.

Rules and entry forms for all iNRB contests and competitions can be found here:

More information about iNRB and how to join is available here:

And more information about the upcoming Convention (Proclaim 16, February 23-26, 2016, in Nashville, TN), can be found here:

Questions may be directed to Judy Stephens at

By NRB Staff

Published: October 1, 2015


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