Member Voices: Angie McGregor, Executive Director of Communication for Ron Phillips Ministries

The following is part of a series on how NRB membership has benefited Christian media and ministry professionals who have joined the association through their organization or as an individual.

Angie McGregorAngie McGregor, Executive Director of Communication for Ron Phillips Ministries, was working in TV news for the ABC affiliate in Chattanooga, TN, and volunteering at her church for the Ron Phillips television ministry, which was just getting off the ground when she attended her first NRB Convention.

“I was really just out of college at that point,” remembers McGregor. “I had no idea that a Christian communication resource like this even existed. The Convention really opened my eyes.” 

Not long after the Convention, McGregor was invited to join the church ministry as its paid, full-time media ministry leader, and she accepted.

“I knew it was God’s will for my life,” explains McGregor, “and I knew my pastor’s message needed to reach beyond our city limits, but I was inexperienced in this area, so I continued to attend NRB to explore the possibilities.”

Fortunately, McGregor’s church was a member of NRB, so she was as well. She credits her NRB membership with helping her to make the connections she needed to grow her skills and expand the distribution of her church-based television program.

“Almost from the beginning, the ministry rented a booth on the NRB Convention expo floor,” McGregor explains. “For the program, this provided visibility and created name recognition. For me, it provided an opportunity to connect with other NRB members.”

She continues, “I found friends and mentors who helped me understand the ins and outs of growing a local, church-based broadcast ministry to an international, cross-platform outreach.”

Today, McGregor is an accomplished Christian communications professional. She has led her ministry from its regional beginnings to its current position as an international outreach in the areas of television, radio, publications, and the Internet; furthermore, she now co-hosts the program, “Ron Phillips from Abba's House.” Angie is also the Chairperson of the NRB Church Media Standing Committee.

When asked what she would recommend to churches and church media professionals regarding membership, Angie replies, “I definitely recommend that they join the NRB association and attend the NRB Convention! Whether they are new to church media or a more established professional, they’ll find the people and products that can help their ministry grow.”

To learn more about Angie McGregor, visit To learn more about the church's media ministry, visit McGregor can also be contacted at @angiemcgregor_1 and

To inquire about joining NRB as a member, contact Melissa Sturgis, NRB Director of Membership, by calling 703-331-4502 or sending an email to

By NRB Staff

Published: November 19, 2015


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