NRB President, Members Take Stand for Marriage

Wedding RingsAhead of the Supreme Court's highly anticipated ruling on marriage, conservative Christian and faith leaders across the spectrum are taking their stand in support of marriage between one man and one woman.

On Wednesday, the current President of the Southern Baptist Convention and 16 former Presidents issued a statement affirming "biblical, traditional, natural marriage as the uniting of one man and one woman in covenant commitment for a lifetime."

They also encouraged all Southern Baptist pastors, leaders, educators, and churches to openly reject any mandated legal definition of marriage and to use their influence to affirm God’s design for life and relationships.

"We also join together to support those who stand for natural marriage in the corporate world, the marketplace, education, entertainment, media and elsewhere with our prayers and influence, and resources," expressed the leaders, who include NRB members Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Dr. Jack Graham, Dr. James Merritt, Dr. Ed Young, Dr. Charles Stanley, and Dr. James T. Draper, Jr.

Similarly, last week, a number of prominent Christian and Jewish leaders signed on to an open letter to the Supreme Court that appeared as a full page ad in USA Today, The Washington Post, and other publications.

Leading with a plea that the Court "not force us to choose between the state and the Laws of God," the leaders affirmed that marriage, "as existing solely between one man and one woman, precedes civil government."

"We are Christians who love America and who respect the legitimate rule of law," they stated. "However, we will not honor any decision by the Supreme Court which will force us to violate a clear biblical understanding of marriage as solely the union of one man and one woman."

They continued, "On this choice, we must pledge obedience to our Creator. While there are many things we can endure, any attempt to redefine marriage is a line we cannot and will not cross."

Among the signatories were NRB President & CEO Dr. Jerry A. Johnson and NRB members, including Dr. James Dobson, Franklin Graham, Dr. Robert Jeffress, Father Frank Pavone, Rev. James Robison, and Tim Wildmon.

Regarding the statement by the SBC Presidents, Dr. Johnson said he is encouraged. "I thank the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention for drawing this line in the sand," he stated. "Dr. Ronnie Floyd and the past SBC presidents are right to take this stand, and I hope leaders of churches and ministries of all evangelical backgrounds will join hands against any government attempt to coerce Christians into abandoning biblical truth on marriage.” 

Going further, Dr. Johnson stressed that the Bible has clear teachings about marriage.

"Marriage is a holy and foundational institution in our society," he noted. "No human government can override those truths. Our faith compels us to uphold marriage as the union of one man and one woman. I pray that the Justices of the Supreme Court will be careful not to make us personae non gratae in this nation.”

By NRB Staff

Published: June 18, 2015


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