NRB Member Spotlight: Galcom International

Tim WhiteheadGalcom International is a mission organization that began in 1989 with a vision to use radio technology to communicate the Gospel message to every tribe, tongue and nation. By partnering with other ministries worldwide, like TWR, FEBC and HCJB, we help to multiply their missionary impact through two main initiatives:

  1. Providing solar powered, fix-tuned radios in areas with existing Christian radio broadcasting.
  2. Providing radio broadcasting equipment and turnkey installation services in areas where      there is currently no Christian radio broadcasting. 

Through our strategy of partnering with other mission organizations, we typically work on several radio distribution and radio station projects concurrently. To date, Galcom has provided more than 890,000 solar radios to hundreds of ministry partners in 126 countries. We have also installed over 120 new Christian radio stations and assisted with numerous upgrades to extend existing broadcast signals.  As a result, millions around the world are able to hear the Gospel message and our radios provide exclusive listening to Christian programs in their native languages.

All radios are produced in Canada and we have just completed a redesign that combines our solar powered, fix-tuned radio with an MP3 player that can be programmed with an audio Bible or teaching programs in a choice of over 4,000 language dialects from the MegaVoice audio library.

While most of our radio distribution projects typically provide one or two thousand radios to a partnering ministry, over the past seven years, we have provided more than 100,000 Galcom radios for Russell Stendal’s outreach to military factions fighting in Colombia. As a result, many Colombian soldiers, officers and guerilla fighters have responded to the Gospel message.

Currently, we are excited about the recent five-year project initiated with One Mission Society (OMS) to provide Haitians with 160,000 of our new ImpaX radios, which include an audio version of the New Testament in the native Creole language. 

Please pray with us that the Lord will provide the resources required to produce these radios for Haiti as well as for the hundreds of other requests for radios from missionaries around the world, and pray that many will open their hearts to Christ as they hear the Gospel proclaimed.

For more information, contact Galcom’s Executive Director, Tim Whitehead, by telephone at 905-574-4626 ext. 32, or by e-mail via

PHOTO ABOVE: Tim Whitehead, Galcom Executive Director.

Published: September 12, 2012.