NRB Member Spotlight: Call of Love Ministries

Call to Love logoAs events in the Middle East continue to unfold, there is a growing concern in the world about how Islam will affect our freedoms. Islam is currently the second fastest growing religion, with a following that accounts for approximately 29% of the world’s population.

Using various media and outreach tools, our mission at Call of Love Ministries has a dual purpose: Outreach Ministry (reach, connect with, evangelize, and disciple Muslims all over the world) and Equipping Ministry (train and equip the body of Christ to love and reach their Muslim neighbors).


Our passion for the lost drives us to reach Muslims through one-on-one discipleship, evangelistic events, cultural festivals, and more. We have visited cities all over the world and rejoiced with Muslims as they have come to know Jesus Christ as Lord. With God’s help, we will continue this quest, realizing that Muslims live in fear, oppression, and spiritual darkness.


Learning about Islam and how Muslims practice their religion prepares us to effectively witness to them with the Gospel message. The Lord continues to help us produce these resources:

TELEVISIONDare to Love is a 30-minute weekly English program that unveils truths about Islam in contrast to biblical teachings and highlights the significance of the Great Commission to the Muslims. The program includes interviews, documentaries, testimonies, viewers’ questions and more. Watch an episode of Dare to Love at

RADIODare to Ask is a daily one-minute radio program that presents nuggets of information about what Muslims believe and ideas on how to break down walls and share the hope of Christ with our Muslim neighbors.

PUBLICATIONS - Dare to Explore is a 12-lesson study of Islamic beliefs and practices with contrasting Christian principles. The Dare to Connect outreach toolkit includes all you need to share Christ with your Muslim neighbor.

With over 2,500 mosques in America, we have a great opportunity to reach the Muslims who live in our country and enjoy its freedoms. Muslims desperately need to hear the Good News of the Gospel.

Join us in this pursuit as we bring God’s message of hope, peace, and spiritual freedom to these lost souls.

Jesus said: “I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.”   John 10:16

Published: August 15, 2012