NRB Files Comments in LPTV Proceeding

The FCC opened a proceeding last autumn on low power television (LPTV) asking for input on how “to mitigate the potential impact of the incentive auction and the repacking process on LPTV and TV translator stations to help preserve the important services they provide.”  In comments filed with the FCC this week, NRB reemphasized the role of LPTV, particularly religious LPTV stations, in serving local communities, and the importance of the agency working to minimize the risk they face from the spectrum auction. 

Citing language in the auction’s authorizing legislation that specified that LPTV spectrum usage rights not be altered, NRB declared, “[W]e do not see the Spectrum Act language as a mandate for sweeping aside low-power stations in the repacking process nor as an authorization to doom them to extinction. To the contrary, the ‘no-alter’ mandate from Congress in the Spectrum Act would counsel just the opposite result.”  Thus, NRB offered a number of suggestions, including delaying the LPTV digital transition deadline, providing a path to Class A-like protected spectrum status for eligible stations, and allowing incentives for continued operation of displaced stations.  NRB also proposed that no action that could be detrimental to LPTV be taken by the FCC prior to the release of a related Government Accountability Office (GAO) study requested by Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) and Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA). 

  • NRB’s full public comment is available here.

By Aaron Mercer, Vice President of Government Relations

Published: January 16, 2015


Posted by JeffS on
I agree with what the NRB is trying to preserve the programming that people have decided to watch and how they wish to view these channels and how its delivered. The FCC is working on behalf of the cable and wireless companies trying to eliminate competition under Tittle II rules that where ( in my opinion illegally obtained) by congress and directing an ill-advised pricing scheme off the backs of taxpayers.

The FCC in turn went and hired consultants (15 million dollars spent) to evaluate each stations net worth. Both your local high power stations and LPTV stations. If these stations decide to except these monies for their station, the FCC will take those frequencies and package for sale to wireless companies which they bid on these frequencies. Even though the owner of these frequencies (you and me) may lose money for that sale. Then the company would use that bandwidth to broadcast its wireless service. Which in technology interfere with your local programming.

First, the wireless people don't need this bandwidth. For free they have already obtained enough bandwidth to satisfy the market demand for now and in the future as new technologies are being developed. So why is this happening. To eliminate competition and force people to obtain other media service at a huge costs to the consumer. More or less a monopoly on your pocket book!

Why can these un-elected officials do this. Because congress gave them the power to do it! The FCC officials then push services for the TV giants because that is who going to hire them in the future with huge salaries that will raise the costs of services. It an endless pit my friends.

So what the NRB and other organizations are asking for people to contact their local legislators to push against this. Most of your representatives don't understand this technology, just the money that is flowing into their pocket.

That is why we need as citizens and good honest Christians is to get rid of this corruption and eliminate political parties which are the people who are working for corruption and greed. The devils work!

This is important to preserve your rights as the owners of these frequencies for free and independent program viewing.

Thank you,

Jeff Schumann
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