New Publicity Coordinator for Veteran TV Network

Chrystal BynumCornerstone TeleVision has announced the hiring of a new Marketing & Publicity Coordinator, Crystal Bynum. Her role at Cornerstone is to focus on strategic planning and sustainable campaign development.

Cornerstone TeleVision began almost 30 years ago when Russ and Norma Bixler built a Christian television station in Pittsburgh, PA. Today, this dynamic network exists as a “Christian media ministry communicating God’s message to the nations.” The network’s programming can be viewed via satellite, Internet, Sky Angel’s new IPTV service, or via webstreaming.

“The Cornerstone TeleVision Network has a tremendous impact on the communities it serves,” said Bynum. “I am pleased to help the station develop long-term marketing goals and expand its footprint.”

Bynum holds a degree in Electronic Media and Broadcast Communications and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Geneva College. She also serves as a Board Member for Brown Chapel Church and the Pittsburgh Conference Lay Organization (AME).