New Members Welcomed into NRB

NRB LogoThe NRB Executive Committee has voted to approve five new members.

“We are delighted to welcome these new members into the NRB family,” said NRB Vice President of Membership Robert McFarland.  “These organizations and individuals have found that NRB membership will help to further their goals in ministry."

The following five member applicants have been approved. 




DMW Direct Fundraising, with 42 years of experience, is dedicated to developing the full potential of membership and donor programs through financially sound direct response fundraising.

Iran Alive Ministries was developed specifically to bring the Gospel message to Muslims through satellite TV, leadership development, discipleship, internet chat, call centers, underground church planting and other outreach ministries.

Scott Keegan, of JSK Media Consulting, concentrates on helping you protect your FCC license, operate your station efficiently, and discover ways to increase revenue safely and effectively. 

Liberty Institute works to educate, advocate, and, when necessary, litigate for freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. 

Third Millennium Ministries has the goal of providing Christian education to hundreds of thousands of pastors around the world who lack sufficient training for ministry.