Moody Radio Broadcasting OneCry Prayer Summit

One Cry logoMoody Radio has partnered with OneCry and Ambassador Advertising to broadcast the OneCry Prayer Summit on the remaining Thursdays in May from 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. CDT. Airing on more than 410 stations nationwide, including American Family Radio, the prayer summit is a live, participatory radio event that includes special guests (e.g., Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Francis Chan), worship, Scripture, call-in prayer participation, and meditations, and allows listeners to engage through chatting and social media.

"We talk about prayer on Moody Radio, but we do not stop and pray as often as we should," said Dan Craig, manager of programming for Moody Radio. "The Lord has brought together a group of people who share a heart to bring the Christian body together for prayer, and we hope that it is going to be the launch of revival."

The focus of the OneCry Prayer Summit is on prayer for spiritual awakening and revival within the church and on seeking the Lord for reconciliation and unity in the body of Christ. The hope is that it will cause a prayer movement due to an understanding of the seriousness of the times.

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