Member Spotlight: Ron Hutchcraft Ministries

Ron Hutchcraft Ron Hutchcraft Ministries (RHM) is committed to communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost in their language and to motivating and equipping believers to communicate Christ to the lost in their world. Through creative and innovative approaches to "spiritual rescue," the RHM team seeks to reach "hard-to-reach hearts" with the Gospel—through media, the internet, radio broadcasts, and face-to-face events.

Ron Hutchcraft, founder and president of RHM, is a passionate, contemporary evangelist, speaker, author, and radio host. Ron is looked to as a "Spiritual Rescue Coach." Ron comes alongside Christian ministries, organizations, and leaders, and provides both the "want to" and the "how to" for using their influence for maximum evangelistic impact. Through a blog and regular media interviews, Ron provides perspectives on news, world events, and cultural issues, bridging from the issues that matter to people to the difference Jesus can make.

A Word With You with Ron Hutchcraft is now in its 26th year of continuous daily broadcasts on Christian radio. Ron shares a story from real life, Scripture, and a relevant "so-what" application for the listener. This daily 4:30 p.m. program is a staple of a growing list of 1,000 domestic and international radio outlets, and is now expanding into other world languages.

Ron and his team have been pioneers in media ministry to a world of young people. Thousands of teenagers every year are finding a relationship with Jesus Christ through the youth outreach, The RHM team seeks to connect with young people in their language, share practical help on the felt needs that matter to them, and then bridge to the cross of Jesus Christ.

Outreach through Facebook is a priority for RHM, including TheDougAndJonShow Facebook (139,000 "likes"), and Ron Hutchcraft Ministries Facebook (110,000 "likes"). This global social media outreach is consistent with RHM's passion to connect the Gospel to where people are today.

On Eagles' Wings is the Native American outreach of RHM. Through the Warrior Leadership Summit Native Youth Discipleship Conference and the On Eagles' Wings Summer of Hope Outreach, Native young people are empowered to reach their own people for Jesus Christ. This powerful ministry continues to impact one of the most urgent and often neglected mission fields in the United States. The results are historic, with thousands of Native young people finding hope in Jesus.