Member Spotlight: KSCE Channel 38 Christian Television

Grace RendallTwenty-three years ago KSCE, a small, full-power, educationally licensed television station, began broadcasting the love of Jesus Christ, in both English and Spanish languages, out of a tiny storefront in downtown El Paso, TX. Equipment was limited and consisted mostly of worn cast-offs from bygone days. Programming was limited, also, but eagerly received by very many folks on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border who had waited for years for a Christian television station to be built in this southwest region of the United States. Immediately the production of local programs began in the main room which doubled as a studio. There were two cameras, both beat-up former home VHS recorders. Most of those programs were conducted by Spanish speaking pastors and others who were eager to share the Gospel with the more than two million Spanish speaking people in the area. Despite obvious deficiencies, including a serious lack of funds, the station immediately began to receive more than a hundred daily phone calls from people asking for prayer, wanting to receive Christ, or wrestling with major issues, such as suicide. It was an inauspicious beginning, and there were tremendous struggles, but God protected and provided miraculously for the station as it began to make a noticeable spiritual impact in the region.

Thinking over previous years and to the present time, they thank God for His continuing faithfulness. KSCE recently moved into a large historical property which originally was home to El Paso’s first radio and television stations – CBS affiliates. They call this “The Station That God Built,” as the purchase, cleaning, and renovation of the property was miraculously provided by individuals, churches and mission groups. The new central location is accessible to programmers, visitors, volunteers, and also for viewers to drop by for prayer or counseling. The large studio provides ample space for the production of 14 local weekly programs, as well as their daily 90-minute Spanish flagship program, Unidos En El Amor De Cristo. A weekly program favorite is Decision Point, with fascinating subjects and guests, such as Walid Shoebat and Kelly Shackelford.  KSCE maintains a call-in counseling center each day where counselors pray with hundreds of callers weekly. There are numerous opportunities and projects in their focus toward which they are working. One is a distribution warehouse, located behind the station, which will provide clothing, blankets, medical supplies and other essentials to the needy in the El Paso–Juarez corridor. It is expected to open on June 1.

KSCE’s signal covers a 100-mile radius, and reaches about three million people. It broadcasts over-the-air on Channel 38.1 – mostly English, with five hours of Spanish programs daily, as well as two Arabic program blocks weekly. Channel 38.2 is their outstanding Spanish channel. Channel 38.3 will soon be for Kids and Youth. Programming on each channel is varied, with appeal for all demographics, including individuals and families. KSCE is viewed on all cable companies in area communities. It is also carried on DishTV, DirecTV, and AT&T U-verse. KSCE Ch.38.1 is streamed on; or you may want to check out, their Spanish website.

While KSCE today appears quite different from 23 years ago, they still depend totally on the grace and mercy of the Lord; and continue to give Him all the praise for His daily provision and guidance.

PHOTO ABOVE: Grace Rendall, Vice President and General Manager KSCE.