Member Spotlight: KATB 89.3

Tom SteiglemanNot many cities are better than #5 Anchorage, Alaska…when it comes to ranking the nation’s most dangerous cities. Alaska is also a statistical leader in alcoholism, drug abuse, and teen suicide. Praise God for KATB 89.3, which has been on the air helping to fight the battle against evil since 1985. Tom Steigleman is the General Manager of Christian Broadcasting, Inc., which owns and operates talk/teaching stations KATB 89.3, KJLP 88.9, and a series of translators on the non-commercial side of the dial. On the commercial side, CBI owns Z-93.7 FM, a 24/7 contemporary music station, and operates KCFT Channel 19 & 35. “A while back a newspaper article stated that in Alaska, about 10% of us are Christians. We are ground zero when it comes to spiritual warfare in Alaska. Our staff is going to do everything possible to stop the advance of evil and help spread the Gospel,” Steigleman said. In Alaska, everything possible apparently really means everything possible. The radio and TV stations have long term contracts as the exclusive sports producer and broadcaster for the University of Alaska, Anchorage, the largest college in the state, they have produced and uplinked the Great Alaska Shootout for Fox Sports, Comcast, the Madison Square Garden Network, and CBS Sports for years, and they even produce their own TV game show! Steigleman said, “A good friend of mine once told me ’you can’t teach them until you reach them.’ Since we reserve inventory for Gospel spots, our sports coverage and game show are really just a way for us to plant the seeds.” The stations are also involved with community outreach events; they help with the fundraising for other non-profits, have training programs for teens, and provide help to other Christian formatted stations in Alaska. When asked about help his stations needed for fighting the good fight, Steigleman said, “Alaska is over twice the size as Texas and stretches from the east coast to the west coast. If anyone wanted to provide satellite uplink equipment or a satellite truck we’d be forever grateful, but more importantly, just pray for us every once in a while. It’s a tough battle up here.”

PHOTO ABOVE: Tom Steigleman, General Manager of KATB 89.3.