NRB Member Spotlight:  Aberdeen Broadcast Services

Matthew Cook

Aberdeen is no longer just a captioning company! We’re Aberdeen Broadcast Services, provider of digital file delivery services, language services and, of course, captioning services ( Our three core departments – AberFast, AberCap, and AberLingo – are designed to complement and serve our clients in every aspect all the way from edit to air.

Aberdeen Broadcast Services continues to be the leading service provider within the Christian broadcast and video production industry. Our client list ranges from well-known ministries such as Joyce Meyer Ministries, Hillsong and In Touch Ministries all the way to local churches that are taking advantage of what Aberdeen’s new departments have to offer.

From our humble beginnings in 2001 to over 50 team members strong, Aberdeen has become a leader in the captioning and post-production services industry. Aberdeen is built upon a strong work ethic, integrity, honesty, Christian faith, and a friendly way of doing business. When we say we will do something, we do it. 

Aberdeen Broadcast Services: From Edit to Air, We’ll Get You There.

PHOTO ABOVE: Matthew Cook, Aberdeen Broadcast Services President.

Published: August 8, 2012