Mastering Life Ministries Becomes Pure Passion Media

Pure Passion MediaNRB member Mastering Life Ministries is now going as Pure Passion Media for all of its media-related activities.

Founded in 1987, the ministry attempts to sensitively deal with issues of modern life that result in emotional, relational, and sexual sin and brokenness of all kinds.

Through their weekly TV program, Pure Passion, the ministry seeks to reach two distinct populations:

  1. The Body of Christ – equipping the Church through expert teaching and real-life testimonies to more redemptively minister to sexually broken people.
  2. Sexually Bound and Broken People – showing them how Jesus Christ saves, heals, sets free, and transforms the lives of those who turn to Him with a heart of repentance, and how He empowers them to lead a life of grace, love, and purity.

The long-running TV program features experts like John Townsend, Gordon Dalbey, Neil Anderson, Stephen Arterburn, and Kay Arthur, as well as the personal life stories of former strippers, homosexuals, porn addicts, sex trafficking survivors, and others who illustrate God’s way of escape for those who are entrapped in addictive and dysfunctional lifestyles.

Pure Passion will soon enter its ninth season on 10 networks and in 13 languages throughout the world. Its 2014 documentary, Such Were Some of You (, has already won five film festival awards, including "Best Documentary" and a "People's Telly Award."

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By NRB Staff

Published: June 4, 2015


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