Long-time Christian Broadcaster Seeks to Build Multi-Lingual Communications School in Florida

Jose ReyesThe global communications ministry of longtime broadcaster Dr. Jose Reyes is looking to establish a groundbreaking multilingual school of communications in Florida.

Dr. Reyes, who began broadcasting on radio in Puerto Rico nearly 50 years ago, says the project is in the very early stages but he is confident that everything will fall into place.

“[T]his is mostly a faith project,” he confesses, “but all through the years, we have seen the hand of God working; and even though the economic situation is not the best these days, we strongly believe that the God that gives the vision will make the provision.”

Presently, the school is seeking approval from local officials, gathering resumes, and getting assistance on how to structure the school. It is looking to the Christian Communication Center in Quito, Ecuador, as well as Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, for ideas and as models.

Part of the school’s initial plan is to serve not only the Spanish speaking people in Central Florida and the United States, but to provide training throughout Latin America. The school will offer certificate and degree programs in communications with concentrations in television and radio. It also plans to award scholarships from the funds that come in through the fundraising campaign that will support the building’s completion.

“Please, place this project on the prayer request lists you might have,” Dr. Reyes urged.

In February 2013, Dr. Reyes will celebrate the 50th anniversary of his ministry. He is currently Executive Producer of the television program Compartiendo El Pan De Vida (Sharing the Bread of Life), as well as a member of the NRB Board of Directors. He is also heard throughout the Spanish-speaking world on the radio program Compartiendo El Pan De Vida, formerly called La Voz de Salvacion (Voice of Salvation).

For more information on Dr. Reyes' project and how to support it, please call 407-344-8432 or 407-914-9789, or write to El Pan De Vida, P.O. Box 770416, Orlando FL  32877.

Published: October 25, 2012