June Hunt and Hope In The Night Celebrate 20 Years of Offering Hope, Help, and Healing

June HuntThere is a uniqueness to radio that allows listeners the privilege of having someone speak directly into their lives. It’s intimate, it’s convicting, and it’s life-changing. 

For the past 20 years this has been June Hunt’s passion – to speak into the lives of others with the wisdom of God’s Word during her evening program, Hope In The Night

What began as a simple broadcast experiment in Chicago in the spring of 1995 is now a nightly, two-hour program that continues to deliver the message of God’s hope to thousands of listeners around the world.    

What’s most unique about Hope In The Night? It’s June Hunt’s focus on one or two callers, offering biblical hope and practical help for their problems. June admits, “In our first few years, I received serious opposition from radio execs for taking only a few calls; initially they wanted eleven per hour! My heart was grieved. How could I possibly present life-changing truth in such a short time? But to please these men, when I prematurely ended a conversation – knowing we hadn’t turned the corner – I truly felt guilty.”

Her response to them was clear: “You are genuinely welcome to replace me on any station. But until that time I must stay with a caller until the Lord releases me.” With candor, June adds, “One station did cancel our program . . . but due to public outcry, we were back on in eight weeks.”

“Ultimately my prayer is that each person receive hope, help, and healing – but not just the callers, also the listeners. They, too, want hope for their hearts and even hope to help others. God offers hope for everyone!”

Throughout the years, June has counseled thousands of callers dealing with issues such as abortion, divorce, verbal abuse, domestic violence, homosexuality, loneliness, and more.

“June has often shared, ‘There are no hopeless situations, only people who have grown hopeless.’ That’s why every caller is important to June – she understands their need for hope,” shares Doug Price, Senior Director of Broadcasting and Media at Hope For The Heart. “Not only does she provide biblical truth and practical steps, she does so with compassion and in a nonjudgmental way.  Through her guidance, callers often discover their need for a personal relationship with Jesus.  After all, it’s here – in Christ’s hope – that true freedom is found.”

Today, Hope In The Night is carried live on more than 300 stations in 47 states, has two overseas broadcasts, and can be found on two Internet streaming sites. Listeners can also locate a nearby broadcast on Hope For The Heart’s website, www.HopeForTheHeart.org.

Published:April 16, 2015


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