John MacArthur Highlights "Twelve Unlikely Heroes"

Twelve Unlikely HeroesThe latest installment of John MacArthur's best-selling "Twelve Series" is now available in bookstores.

In Twelve Unlikely Heroes, MacArthur uses his deep knowledge of the Bible and history to draw intimate portraits of twelve men and women who would not usually make the "Who's Who" list of biblical heroes.

"They had quirks, flaws, and shortcomings," MacArthur notes in the book.

But the pastor and best-selling atuhor says through the power of God, the “heroes” in the Bible were used in mighty ways to accomplish God’s purposes and bring Him glory.

"We have much to learn from the legacy left to us by the heroes of faith," MacArthur adds.

Included in the list of "unlikely heroes" are Enoch, Miriam, and Onesimus, along with others who might at first seem foreign but can quickly become familiar and unforgettable.

Twelve Unlkely Heroes follows MacArthur's Twelve Ordinary Men and Twelve Extraordinary Women.

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Published: September 20, 2012