Joel Rosenberg: Abortion, Apocalyptic Islam Put U.S. at Risk

Joel RosenbergNashville, TN — America is in danger of destruction in the face of the mounting death toll of unborn children and the rise of apocalyptic Islam, best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg said at the National Religious Broadcasters’ 2015 International Christian Media Convention.

Speaking last Thursday at a dinner event bearing his name, Rosenberg pointed to three “mortal threats” to the United States:

  1. “That America is not simply in a season of decline but is heading toward collapse, toward implosion;
  2. “That America is not simply at rising risk of attack by Iran and the Islamic State but is heading toward the risk of annihilation; and
  3. “That America is not simply heading toward a season of strained relations with Israel but is headed towards total abandonment of the Jewish state.”

One number — 57 million — explains the danger this country is in, Rosenberg told the audience at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN.

Legalized abortion has resulted in the deaths of 57 million unborn children since the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. If the count reaches 60 million in a few years, Americans will have killed 10 times as many human beings as the number of Jews eliminated by the Nazis, Rosenberg noted.

“What do we think is going to happen to a country that systematically exterminates 10 times more human beings than the Nazis? My friends, judgment is coming, and there is no way out,” he said. “[T]he souls of 57 million babies are crying out for justice, and they’re saying, ‘How long, O Lord?’

“And your job and mine is to make sure we are preaching the Gospel and making disciples and begging God not just for a revival, [but] a series of revivals so sweeping that it would be the Third Great Awakening,” he told the gathering of Christian media and ministry professionals. “Nothing but a Third Great Awakening would forestall the judgment. We have to see that clearly, and we have to be communicating that clearly.”

America is at risk of “being blindsided” by evil because of its failure to understand the nature and threat, Rosenberg said. Regarding the Middle East and North Africa, President Obama “refuses adamantly to define [the enemy] as radical Islam,” he said.

While radical Islam is “a huge threat,” a new, graver threat has emerged in recent years — apocalyptic Islam, he told the audience.

“The difference is that a regular, radical Islamic terrorist wants to kill you and drive you out of his world,” he said. “An apocalyptic, radical, Islamic jihadist believes that the end of days has come, that he is trying to bring about the arrival, appearance of the Mahdi, their so-called messiah, to run the world in a caliphate, an Islamic kingdom.”

Two nations whose leaders are driven by apocalyptic Islam are now in power, Rosenberg said: Iran and the Islamic State. “Iran is waiting until nuclear weapons are ready; ISIS does not want to wait,” he explained about the difference in their plans.

“We need to defeat them as a government; as a church, we need to love them,” he said.

In the midst of this challenge, Rosenberg said, Muslims are becoming Christians at a record pace. “More have come into the Kingdom since 1979 than all the 1,400 years of Islam put together at this point,” he reported.

Based on God’s commission of the prophet Ezekiel in Ezekiel 33:1-9, Rosenberg encouraged NRB15 attendees to act as watchmen on the wall “to listen to the word of the Lord, to watch for threats and to warn the people come what may.”

Rosenberg said he tries to fulfill that role by seeking to not just entertain in his books. “I’m trying to educate. I’m trying to warn,” he shared.

Rosenberg and his family moved from the United States to Israel in August and now have dual citizenship. His wife, Lynn, and he started the Joshua Fund in 2006 to mobilize Christians to aid Israel and its neighbors in the name of Jesus.

After his speech, Rosenberg took part in a question-and-answer session with CBN reporter Eric Stakelbeck.

By Tom Strode

Published: March 3, 2015


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