Interview Opportunities at NRB15

Interview at NRB15Attention all NRB Members, Convention Exhibitors, and Convention Sponsors!

If you would like to inform the media about interview opportunities you have during the NRB 2015 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, let us know so we can help get you on their radar. A list of people who are available for interview will be distributed to those who have registered for convention press passes. Just send us ( the name of the individual, their title, their organization, a 1-2 paragraph pitch, and some contact information, and we'll add them to the list.

Last year, there were more than 140 who registered to report on the Convention or to conduct interviews at the convention. They ranged from bloggers and reporters to content producers and news broadcasters. This year, more than 160 are expected to register.

If you're going to be at the convention, let us help you alert the right people of your presence. You may just get the exposure you were hoping for!

Also, you may want to bring with you to the convention some press releases, which you can place on a table we’ll have set up in the News Media Center, located in Delta Ballroom B. This option is available to all NRB Members, Convention Exhibitors, Convention Speakers/Musicians, and Convention Sponsors.

To hear more about these and other opportunities, contact NRB Director of Communications Kenneth Chan at

By NRB Staff

Published: January 22, 2015


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