INK 180 Documentary Given Highest Rating by the Dove Foundation

INK180 logoThe Dove Foundation has given its highest seal of approval to the documentary INK 180.

In his review on the Dove Foundation’s website, reviewer Edwin L. Carpenter said that the INK 180 documentary “is an impactful movie and could easily be used as an educational tool in a Bible study or church group.”

Produced by Four:2 Media and Total Living International (TLI), INK 180 is a gripping and challenging documentary on the life and work of Chris Baker and the individuals helped by his tattoo ministry. It’s the biography of one man’s inspirational journey down the path of helping human-trafficking survivors and former gang members navigate their own 180-degree life change. The documentary offers an insider’s look at the personal stories of real people making real changes.

According to its producers, INK 180 offers hope for people who otherwise might not stand a chance.

"INK 180 is an eye-opening film that will encourage Christians with the power of God’s transforming love and challenge them to reach out to those often forgotten or ignored in society," they stated.

"TLI and Four:2 Media are honored to have [the Dove Foundation's] best family friendly rating."

INK 180 will be screened at the NRB 2015 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, TN, on Wednesday, February 25, at 1:00 p.m.

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By NRB Staff

Published: January 29, 2015


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