All of these we remember will be missed here, yet Heaven rejoices. 

Memorial CandlesRich Buhler, 65 (5/7/12) – Beloved Christian radio broadcaster in Southern California. Buhler pioneered the spiritual talk format in 1980 on his show Talk From the Heart on KBRT/740 AM in Costa Mesa. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July 2010, he hosted his final show on September 16, 2011, to focus on his health issues.  Besides his 40-year-plus career in broadcasting, he was an ordained minister and pilot.    

Don Cole, 89 (8/4/12) – Retired Moody Radio Pastor and Angola missionary.  Cole was the host of Open Line, a Q&A about the Bible from 1982 until his retirement in 2008.  He was also involved with Christian Perspectives on the News broadcast, verse-by-verse Bible studies in The Living Word, and other insightful commentaries.  He authored many books, including How To Know You’re Saved.  In 1998, he received the William Ward Ayer Distinguished Service Award, and was inducted into the NRB Hall of Fame in 2006. 

Chuck (Charles W.) Colson, 80 (4/21/12) – Influential evangelical Christian leader, author, speaker, radio commentator, and NRB award winner. He touched many lives through his varied cultural outreach and commentary and his engagement with prisoners and the Church. 

The Prison Fellowship founder authored several books that have shaped Christian thinking on a variety of subjects, such as Born Again, and he also founded NRB member ministries BreakPoint and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, with the intent of equipping Christians to understand, live out, and defend the Faith in the public square. He received the prestigious NRB Hall of Fame Award in 2010 for his devotion to ministering to the incarcerated in the name of Christ.

Prior to his Christian leadership role, Colson served as a Special Council to President Richard Nixon from 1969 to 1973. 

Forrest Flaniken (10/14/12) – Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Wycliffe USA. A valued member of the Wycliffe family for nearly 22 years, Flaniken died when his bicycle was struck by a car in Orlando, FL.

Nellie Gray, 88 (8/20/12) – “Remembered as “the mother of the March for Life,” who dedicated her career and ultimately her entire life to taking a stand for the protection of the unborn. Following the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, Gray organized the March for Life in Washington, DC, in 1974 which attracted 20,000 marchers. The event is still held each year on the anniversary of the landmark abortion decision.

Dan Hackel (3/12/12) – Primary Salem Radio Network News correspondent in Israel since 2008, filing hundreds of stories on Israeli politics, concerns over Iran’s nuclear program, and many other topics.  His many national broadcast credentials in addition to SRN included his tenure as a founding anchor for CNN International and an anchor on Headline News, Washington correspondent covering the White House for ABC News, and a reporter on the U.S. Congress for the Mutual broadcasting System. Hackel died on his birthday in Israel after a brief battle with cancer. 

Joyce E. Hart, 84 (9/23/12) – Wife of the late Dr. B. Sam Hart, who founded the Grand Old Gospel Fellowship, now GOGF Ministries, in 1961. Mrs. Hart was a faithful supporter of her husband’s ministries. Dr. Hart, who passed away on January 19, 2012, after five decades of preaching through the airwaves, is a member of the NRB Hall of Fame, a Milestone Award recipient, and was a longtime NRB Board and Executive Committee member. 

Dr. Howard G. Hendricks, 88 (2/20/13) – The beloved “Prof,” who served on the faculty of Dallas Theological Seminary for more than 60 years, had taught more than 10,000 students and directly or indirectly touched millions of lives in the evangelical community and beyond. He is remembered as mentor for broadcasters Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans and Robert Jeffress, among scores of other Christian leaders and teachers of influence today.  His legacy includes speaking engagements, radio, tapes, films, 16 books, countless journal and popular market articles, service on numerous boards, pastoral service, and work as a chaplain to the Dallas Cowboys (1976-1984).

Jim Holsted, 68 (1/12/12) – President, Board of Directors of NRB member station KCMH in Mountain Home, Arkansas. “Big Jim” was elected to the KCMH Board in 2008 and served as President since 2009.

Maude Aimee Humbard, 89 (5/14/12) – Wife of the late televangelist Rex Humbard. Maude Aimee faithfully served with her husband as the original Humbard Family traveled in Gospel Tent Crusades during the 1930s-40s. For more than 37 years, they broadcast their radio and TV ministry from the Cathedral of Tomorrow in Akron, OH, reaching more than 2,000 television stations around the world in 77 languages. Her anointed gifts of song and ministry were central elements of this outreach for Christ. Rex was inducted into the NRB Hall of Fame in 1991.

Sterling Huston, 76 (6/29/12) – A former Director of North American Crusades for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and one of Billy Graham’s closest associates died after a battle with cancer.  Rev. Graham called him “indispensable” to his Crusade ministry.  Huston was also chairman of Evangelism Explosion and the Internet Evangelism Coalition.

Lloyd E. Mintzmyer (10/14/12) – Former President of The Praise Network. He is perhaps best remembered as one of the creators of public television for western Kansas, having helped lay the foundation for PBS in central and western Kansas. Noted for his technical engineering expertise, he was Chief Engineer at Smoky Hills Public Television from 1981 to 2004.

Tom Moffit, Sr., 86 (2/2/13) – Christian radio pioneer who began his long career in 1946. He served at WIP, WIBG and WHAT in the Philadelphia area and at KMPC in Los Angeles. He would later own several Christian radio stations (which have since been sold), including WTLN AM and FM /Orlando; WVCH AM/Philadelphia; WGCB/York, PA; and WSJI/Cherry Hill, NJ. Moffit also served as an agent and consultant to several radio ministries.

Frank Pastore, 55 (12/17/12) – A former major league baseball pitcher who became one of the nation’s most popular and compelling Christian radio hosts, Pastore died after a month-long coma from complications from injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident.  He had prophetically referred to his own mortality on his program just three hours before the tragic accident. Known for his “larger than life” persona, Pastore hosted The Frank Pastore Show daily on KKLA, serving the Los Angeles area for nine years. NRB honored the program with the Long Form Radio Program of the Year Award in 2011.

Marvin L. Sanders, 69 (11/5/12) – Former General Manager of American Family Radio (AFR) and co-host of Today’s Issues on AFR. Sanders had been involved in Christian radio since 1978, joining AFR in 1992.  He was a U. S. Navy veteran and had served in Vietnam.

Debra Lou Wright (“Debbie”) West (9/22/12) – Vice President for Affiliations at LegacyTV and wife of LegacyTV President and NRB TV Committee Chairman Jim West. The couple was married 42 years.

Gwen Wilkerson, 81 (7/5/12) – Wife of the late David Wilkerson, founder of Teen Challenge and World Challenge. Her death comes just over a year after a car crash claimed the life of her husband, but she always maintained an “unshakeable” faith and resolve through this and numerous personal battles with cancer. Rev. Wilkerson founded Times Square Church in New York City and authored the well-known book, The Cross and the Switchblade.

Published: March 2, 2013