House Panel Highlights Persecution of Christians by ISIS

The House Foreign Affairs Committee this week held a hearing titled “Ancient Communities Under Attack: ISIS’s War on Religious Minorities.”  Particularly powerful was the testimony of Sister Diana Momeka, a member of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena in Mosul, Iraq.  After sharing the story of how her convent had been bombed and she had been forced to move from her city, she stated that the persecution under ISIS “is the most brutal in our history.”  Christians have not only been forced from their homes and land, but churches and precious cultural sites are being destroyed as well.   Sister Momeka declared, “Uprooted and forcefully displaced, we have realized that ISIS’ plan is to evacuate the land of Christians and wipe the earth clean of any evidence that we ever existed. This is cultural and human genocide. The only Christians that remain in the Plain of Nineveh are those who are held as hostages.” 

  • Video and witness testimony from the hearing are available here.

By Aaron Mercer, Vice President of Government Relations

Published: May 15, 2015


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