Guidelines International Urges Prayers for Ukraine

Pray for UkraineGuidelines International Ministries is calling for prayer for their ministry partners and missionary associates in Ukraine as well as those affected by the ongoing conflicts.

Earlier this summer, the broadcast tower of the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) in Slavyansk, Ukraine, which broadcasts a Guidelines program, was shot down and completely destroyed, effectively taking FEBC and Guidelines off the air.

More recently, as the sounds of fighting rocked their neighborhood in Makeevka, Ukraine, the children cared for by Good Shepherd Shelter, a partner of Guidelines International, were moved into the forest for "summer camp." 

Now that the school year is starting, the children – all of whom are reportedly showing signs of stress – have been relocated to a shelter in Kiev.

According to Guidelines, Vladimir Tsupko, Director of Good Shepherd Shelter, is asking for prayer for the children and that their home in Makeevka is not destroyed.

Meanwhile, in Donetsk, most of Pastor Alex Moseychuk's congregation at New Life Church has reportedly fled the city in fear after receiving threats from armed guards. Though his ministry continues, including feeding the hungry, Pastor Moseychuk has asked for prayer for the safety of his family.  

“Guidelines ministry partners and missionary associates in Ukraine need prayer!" reported Dr. Harold J. Sala, Founder and President of Guidelines International.

“I am scheduled to be in Kiev this fall to meet with our Ukranian partners and missionaries,” he shared.  “Please pray for the Ukrainian church.”

Presently, Guidelines is assisting FEBC in rebuilding the station in Slavyansk that was destroyed – a project that will cost a minimum of $25,000. Guidelines is also gathering support for Pastor Moseychuk's ministry, and has supported the teachers and staff at Donetsk Christian University, which was taken over by rebels, as well as the families of four FEBC volunteers who were recently killed for their faith.

To donate to missions and crisis relief in Ukraine, click here.

By NRB Staff

Published: September 4, 2014


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